Belmont Eye Clinic, Inc.  
Belmont Eye Clinic

Mission Statement

Belmont Eye Clinic will promote a high quality of service to all patients. To attain a high standard of care, we will afford individual consideration and treatment to each patient.

We believe that assessment and plans of care to meet the functional, physiological and sociological needs of the patient are essential.

We believe that a safe, clean, comfortable environment for patients, family members and staff members is required in order to provide optimum care.

We believe that teaching and supervising the personnel in development knowledge and skills in ophthamology is of paramount importance to the patient's safety and care.

A continuous program of in-service education and staff development is vital in assuring quality of care.

Our facility will foster outstanding abilities and positive, willing attitudes to organize competent functioning health care teams.

Above and beyond all else, Belmont Eye Clinic is committed to providing the best quality of care.